Well, unfortunately my previous happiness was short-lived. It was lovely while it lasted. Blissful at times. But isn’t that what we say about most things in life? A lot has obviously happened since that last post 5 months ago. Lots of extreme happiness, also a lot of extreme sadness. And the past few weeks, a […]

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Today I am the happiest I have been in a long time. I have not stopped smiling all day. Life can be amazing, and the best things really are free. I’ve also had a health check today which seemed to come back positively, so that’s a good thing. Health is something we all do take […]

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Hello people of WordPress, I’m back again. What a good plan making a blog was! I really thing it’s just a good way to vent anything on your mind, any ideas you’re creating, or anything else really! And as promised I’ll let you in on a little preview my lyric ideas so far… Verse 1: […]

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My first blog post!

How exciting! Welcome whoever may read this. As you can tell I’m Lisa, I’m an english singer and performer, and I’m also quite a dab hand at a cocktail or two! I’ve decided to write this blog for reasons most people do really- as a way of venting my thoughts and ideas, along with any […]

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